Why We Love Oway Hair Products

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Have you heard of Oway but aren’t sure what all the fuss is about? We’re here to tell you that the hype about Oway is well-deserved. Here’s why we use Oway hair products at Shai Hair and Beauty. 

Who are Oway?

Oway is a hair care and product brand that puts the environment first. Their incredible products help us to be an eco-friendly hair salon as sustainability is at the core of their values. The name Oway itself is a portmanteau of Organic Way. 

To put it simply, Oway care about the environment without compromising exceptional results. 

Why we love Oway: What are the benefits of their products?

Environmentally friendly packaging

Being part of the hair industry, it is impossible not to notice the vast amount of products that come in non-recycle packaging that can be extremely harmful to the environment. 

Oway hair products are put into glass bottles and aluminium tubes. These materials not only ensure the preservation of the organic ingredients within the products, but are eco-friendly and sustainable.

The amber glass used is 100% pure, meaning that it does not release toxic substances or contain harmful chemicals. Similarly, aluminium is infinitely reusable, making it ideal for recycling.

Even their labels are made out of recycled paper!

Non-toxic manufacturing process

Oway product lines are all created using green chemistry. This means that ingredients are obtained without using aggressive and toxic chemical substances, which could otherwise cause detrimental damage to the environment.

Additionally, a method called steam distillation is used to extract ingredients to use in products. This process is entirely natural and transforms plants into active ingredients. Again, without this method, harsh chemicals would instead be used, which means Oway have eliminated any harm to ecosystems that would collapse due to use of these substances. 

Efficient and eco-friendly waste management

As mentioned, waste is a huge polluter in the hair industry. However, Oway have aced their waste management, and take many measures to ensure that unnecessary waste is not created.

Their waste management even starts at the manufacturing process. Plants that are used during production of their products are reused to make up a biodynamic heap. This is a natural fertiliser that nourishes the soil used to grow more plants. It’s pretty cool to see how they create zero waste with such a clever cycle.

Additionally, Oway have a no over-packaging policy. This means that only essential packaging is used to ensure that no unnecessary waste is created. It might seem like a small measure to implement, but so much waste is generated from materials that are thrown away minutes after purchasing. 

Organic and biodynamic ingredients

Now onto the spotlight of Oway’s products: their organic and biodynamic ingredients. Oway use biodynamic active ingredients that are derived from plants, which are grown using natural processes. In short, you can’t get more natural than the ingredients in Oway products.

These ingredients are excellent at protecting delicate and sensitive skin, which shows just how gentle they will be on your scalp and hair. There’s simply no better way to care for your hair than to use organic products!

Exceptional results for your hair

Lastly, using Oway hair products should be a no-brainer for those who want healthy and beautiful hair. The organic ingredients in their products provide hair with the nourishment it needs to be strong and shiny.

Without the presence of harsh chemicals, you will find that your hair undergoes less breakage and your scalp and hair will be in a much healthier condition. Organic ingredients can also stimulate hair growth and help to enhance the texture of your hair, no matter what hair type you have.

Try Oway hair products at Shai Hair and Beauty Salon

Looking for a hair salon that uses Oway products in London? Then you’re in the right place! At Shai Hair and Beauty, we are proud to use Oway products in the salon so you can experience all the benefits of their organic products whilst also being environmentally conscious.

You can take a look at our hair services here, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.