Why We Love Using the Aveda Colour Line

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At Shai Hair & Beauty, we are passionate about providing a quality hair colouring service for our clients. So, it’s important that we use a natural hair colour range which achieves great results whilst taking the best care of our client’s hair. 

As an Aveda hair salon, we are proud to use the Aveda colour line. Here are some of the main reasons why we love using this hair colour in the salon. 

Firstly, we love the fact that Aveda natural hair colour is composed of up to 93% naturally-derived ingredients. This means that it isn’t filled with harsh synthetic ingredients which can be damaging and cause the hair to become dull and brittle. 

Alternatively, it contains nourishing plant-based ingredients. These include plants oils such as jojoba, castor and sunflower oil which help to enrich the hair with shine. This leaves the hair feeling healthy and avoids the unwanted damage you may experience with some hair dyes.

One of the most important things about the Aveda colour line is that it gives us great results. It has been carefully designed to deliver long-lasting and vibrant results, as well as maximising grey coverage. 

The length of time the colour will last depends on the specific treatment you opt for. Semi-permanent colours tend to last for around six weeks, whilst permanent dyes will continue to last until the hair grows out. 

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Another thing we love is that the hair colour is also highly customisable. By using a palette of primary pure pigments, secondary pure tones or subtle pastel tones, we are able to create one of a kind, customised formulas for our clients. 

For clients who are after something a bit different, Aveda also offer a wide range of vibrant and unique colours. So, whether you want to go for a bold new colour, highlights or balayage, we can customise the colour to you and achieve your desired result.

While our clients can benefit from Aveda hair colour in the salon, there are also a range of great products they can use at home. The Aveda Colour Conserve range is designed to extend the vibrance of colour-treated hair.

We recommend washing your hair with the Color ConserveShampoo which protects the hair from the damaging effects of sun and water whilst leaving the hair silky and soft. You can then follow this up with the Color Conserve Conditioner which helps to lock in the colour and shine. 

For some extra colour protection, you can use the Color Conserve Daily Color Protect which seals and smooths the cuticle for increased shine. 

You may be wondering, where can I buy Aveda products? Click here and shop in our Aveda Online Shop. Or just pop by the salon – our stylists are experts in the Aveda range and will be able to advise you on the products best suited to your hair type. 

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Shai Hair is a collective of the capital’s most talented stylists. Our mission is to make you look and feel your finest.

As part of your Shai Hair & Beauty experience, you’ll have a personalised consultation and enjoy an Aveda sensory journey using natural essential oils and a stress-relieving scalp and shoulder ritual before your service.

If you’re looking to touch up your roots or go for a bold new colour, book an appointment with one of our expert stylists.