Which Hairstyles Suit Your Face Shape

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Ultimately when deciding on a haircut, you should choose a style that reflects who you are and what you love! But for those wondering ‘how should I cut my hair for my face shape’, you might want to know which haircuts would be the most flattering for you.

Here are our recommendations of hair cuts to suit face shapes.

Round Face

Round faces are more circular shaped and you’ll also find that your face width is the same as the length of your face.

Usually, those with rounder faces like to make them appear more elongated. You can do this with long or shaggy layered hair, as it will add some angles and texture to your appearance. Curtain bangs also frame the face beautifully and have a slimming effect on the width of the face!

Layered Hair that suits round face shape

Oval Face

Oval faces tend to be rounded with the length being a little longer than the width. This face shape is widely considered to be the most versatile, so you’ll luckily find that a lot of hairstyles suit you.

Since your face length is longer than the width, shorter haircuts with face-framing pieces will look amazing on you and will help you avoid an elongated appearance (if that’s what you’re aiming for of course!). 

Short hair to suit oval face shape

Square Face

You likely have a square face if you notice you have a very strong, angled jawline. 

With square faces, bangs look incredible! You could try those trendy side-swept bangs, or shorter, wispier bangs that rest on your cheeks. This will really accentuate your cheekbones and face structure.

If you’re wondering what hair length is best for this face shape, short, sleek blunt bobs are the way forward if you really want to show off your jawline.

Sleek blunt bob haircut for square face shapes

Heart Face

With heart face shapes, your hairline will be the widest part of your face, with your chin being significantly smaller. You’ll also have very prominent cheekbones, forming that lovely heart shape!

Layered hair is the way forward to show off this face shape. The length does not particularly matter, but, similarly to square faces, those short blunt bobs tend to really highlight your jawline.

Long layered hair for heart face shapes

Diamond Face

When you think of diamonds, you think of those sharp angles. With diamond face shapes, you will have a forehead and jawline that are the same width, along with cheekbones that are the widest part of the face.

With this face shape, it’s all about the long length when it comes to cuts. You could try a long curly haircut with a middle parting for a flattering look.

Long length haircut for diamond face shapes

Long Face

Long face shapes are almost identical to oval-shaped faces, but you’ll tend to have a slightly longer chin. 

With long faces, short layered haircuts are the way to go. These are definitely the most flattering and will avoid elongating the face to really show off your natural beauty!

Short haircut for long face shape

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