What Are Layers in Hair & How Do They Step-Up Your Hair Game?

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Since they’re becoming very popular at the moment, you’ve probably heard of layered haircuts. But what actually are they and why are so many people choosing to have them?

We’ve got all your layered hair questions covered, along with how layers can improve your hair game!

So, what are layers in hair?

Layering hair is a haircut technique where your stylist will cut long or short layers into the hair. Generally, the shorter layers will be towards the top of the head whilst the longer layers are underneath, creating that ‘layered’ effect.

There are various techniques when it comes to layering. Layers can appear more blended, or more choppy. It really comes down to your personal preference and style. For example, if you love 90s vibes or adored Rachel from Friends’ infamous locks, then layers could definitely be for you.

Do layers make your hair look thicker?

To put it simply, yes, layers can make your hair look thicker. But layers can actually create very different outcomes on how they are done, and what your hair goals are.

For example, if you have fine hair and you want to make it appear fuller, then layers can definitely help you. Keep in mind that your hair won’t actually be thicker, it will just appear thicker. To plump up your locks, we’ll add lots of layers to really get that really voluminous look. The more short layers, the thicker your hair will appear!

However, if you already have thick hair and you want a smoother, refined and lighter look, layers can make this possible. We usually do this with long, feathered layers that take away weight and frizz, as opposed to the shorter layers we do to make the hair thicker.

What are the other advantages of having layers?

As previously mentioned, layers can be used for different hair goals, so there are so many advantages to having them cut into your hair!

Adds volume 

Layers are an excellent way to add a lot of volume to the hair without having to constantly use styling products. They do this because the shorter strands of hair sit on top of the longer strands, as opposed to them all falling to the same length. 

Adds movement

If you love hair with a lot of movement, then layers are the perfect way to add this to your hairstyle. When we say movement, we just mean the directions the hair falls in, and how it literally moves or sways. Layers add a lot of movement to the hair as the varying lengths cause the strands to sit in different places.

Adds length

Unfortunately, layers do not literally add more length to the hair, but they definitely create the illusion of longer hair. This is just because of the contrast in short and long strands.

Who are layers best for?

In terms of the best hair type for layered hair, those with coarser hair will reap the most benefits of layers. This is because it helps to add texture and volume with minimal frizz for this hair type. Or, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, layers can definitely vamp up your style even more. 

But generally, anyone can look amazing with layered hair. If you’re someone who loves a low maintenance cut that is still very stylish, then there’s no reason not to try layers! They work with most hair types and textures, however if you have very fine hair, then it might be best to go with very light layers to keep as much of your hair as possible.

If you’re curious whether a layered haircut would suit your face shape, have a read of our previous blog here.

Styling just got easy: How to style layered hair

Another benefit of layered hair is how low maintenance it is. Usually, you can just wake up and rock a natural look that appears effortless.

But if you’re looking for a style that is super trendy at the moment and works wonders with layered hair, try the bouncy blow dry look. To achieve this, you can either use a barrel brush to flick out the ends of your hair whilst blow-drying, or alternatively, try using a curling iron or straighteners to add a very soft curl to the ends of your hair.

Long layered hair for heart face shapes

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