Shai Hair Becomes Shai Hair and Beauty!

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I’m delighted to announce that our brand new beauty therapy rooms are now open for business.

We have invested in the very latest CACI Synergy System, which means we now offer the top technology in non-surgical anti-ageing skincare solutions.  This revolutionary skincare system is so clever that as soon as I saw it I immediately knew it would be perfect for our salon.  It harnesses the power of LED light therapy while stimulating tissue regeneration, to help in the production of collagen.

When we decided to expand the beauty side of our business, we focused on offering two things:  Relaxation and Results.  The CACI treatments really do produce amazing results, but with the added benefit of avoiding surgery and getting it done quickly – our guests are busy people who need the convenience of being able to come to us in their lunch break and walk out with visibly younger looking skin, without any hassle – honestly, who can say no to that!

img2The list of celebrity CACI followers is also undeniably impressive, with it being advocated by the likes of J-Lo, Linda Evangelista and Gwyneth Paltrow to keep their skin looking young, toned and fresh.

As well as introducing CACI Synergy, we are firmly sticking to our ethos of being at one with nature and expanding our range of Aveda hair treatments into Aveda skin therapies and massages, so we’re now providing a unique combination of CACI treatments with Aveda’s natural and organic range of customised beauty and massage therapies.  Put together this gives you the results you want along with the relaxation you really need.

In designing our new beauty services offering, I’ve focused on making everything as customisable as possible, so you tell us how long you want it to take, and what you want to achieve, then let us work out the best solution for you.  Whatever you’re looking for your therapist will provide a thorough consultation to meet your individual needs and expectations, from our specialist skin treatments and massages through to waxing, brows and lashes, manicures and pedicures.

You can see our full list of new beauty treatments here: or pop into the salon to find out more about it and pick up a beauty services menu.

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