Practical Hairstyles, Cuts and Colours for Long Hair

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Shai Hair and Beauty is just around the corner from St Barts London. We are incredibly proud to frequently welcome staff members to the salon. 

With such an important and heroic job, it’s difficult to find time to spend on your hair. Here are some low maintenance yet gorgeous styles that can save you time in the bathroom.

Practical Hairstyles for Nurses with Long Hair 

Sleek High Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is an easy hairstyle that looks both professional and glamorous, making it the perfect ‘hair up’ hairstyle for work.

Brush your hair backwards towards the nape of your neck. Take a few moments to really make sure it is smooth. Begin pulling your hair up into a ponytail continuing to brush it backwards into place. A top tip for the perfect pony position is to follow the direction of your cheekbones up to your scalp. Secure your pony with a hair tie.

Here is where the magic happens; take a spoole or fine toothed comb with some hairspray or gel, and brush back any flyaways. Struggling to fight frizz for this hairstyle? Keratin straightening makes your hair shinier, more manageable and less frizzy, so you can achieve the perfect sleek pony.

Sun-Kissed Balayage

A staple, acceptable hair colour for work is the well-known balayage. The beauty of a balayage is that it can work with so many hair colours, so you can embrace your natural colour whilst adding a bit of spice to your ends.

At the salon we’ll hand-paint your ends to give you a seamless blend. This makes it such a low maintenance colour, as you won’t have to come back to the salon regularly. So if you’re looking for a natural hair colour for work, then a balayage might be for you!

Long Layers

Long layers are so in trend right now, and we’re not surprised since they look so gorgeous on everyone. Your hair will have an effortless flow and movement when you wear it down, and the layers even make your face appear slimmer and more defined.

Not only are layers stunning, but they are so low maintenance. You won’t need to spend much time styling them, as the layers will do the talking on their own. And, rest assured, you will still be able to tie your hair back easily.

Hair Gloss

Not able to experiment with colours because of work? Whilst you might want to steer away from permanent dyes, we do have a fitting solution for you. Hair glossing is a demi-permanent colour treatment that leaves your hair gleaming.

If you want to change up your colour without the commitment, then why not consider a gloss? If you’re not an up-do pro, then your shiny, beautifully coloured hair will save you.

Low Tidy Bun

This up-do might seem a bit plain, but it is so classy and will keep your hair neat and tidy all day. Most importantly, it will keep your hair out of your face, so you can look gorgeous whilst keeping practical.

Start this hairstyle by brushing your hair to the back of your neck. You can choose whether you want your hair completely brushed backwards, or you want your parting showing. Sweep the sides of your hair together with both hands and hold the hair as if you are doing a ponytail.

Twirl the hair and twist it round into a bun. The more times you twist the hair, the tighter your bun will be. Finish off by securing it with a hairband, or add a scrunchie for a small pop of colour.

Relax & Unwind at Shai Hair and Beauty

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