What You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are a very popular way to instantly change up your locks. Thinking of getting them yourself? Here are a few things you should know first.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are lengths of artificial hair which are integrated into the natural hair on your head to add volume, thickness or length. There are many different forms of application, but most commonly, they are sewn, bonded, clipped or glued on to the existing hair.

What Are Hair Extensions Made From?

Ever wondered where hair extensions come from? Typically, you can get human extensions, which are made of real human hair collected from a donor. Or, you can also opt for synthetic extensions, which are a combination of artificial, blended plastic fibres. 

If you are looking for the most natural finish that blends seamlessly into your hair, then we recommend opting for human extensions. Whilst the quality of synthetic hair can differ, it will never be able to perfectly imitate human hair, as plastic is ordinarily rigid and lacks the ability to flow the way natural hair does. 

Should I Get Hair Extensions?

How do you know if hair extensions are the right option for you? Luckily, just about anyone can get extensions; whether you want a drastic change to the length and volume of your hair or you subtly want to add some thickness, hair extensions are a great choice for many hair goals.

What Are The Different Types of Hair Extensions?

The hair extensions that you need will depend on various factors, such as your hair type and maintenance preferences. We’ve listed some popular types of extensions below but don’t worry, our friendly team will discuss your goals to find the best option for you during your consultation.

Tape-in extensions do exactly what the name suggests; the hair wefts come pre-taped, ready to be applied to thin sections of your hair. The sections need to be very carefully selected for a flawless result, which is why going to a professional is always recommended. Each section will be “sandwiched” between two hair wefts, which is how they attach to your hair. 

At our salon, we offer Russian tape in extensions. Russian hair extensions are some of the highest quality extensions you can use for many reasons. The quality ensures your extensions are tangle-resistant and the hair itself typically lasts around a year, providing you take care of it. 

Micro bond extensions are also a great option for a coherent finish. The extension pieces are sealed on to your natural hair individually, which is why this option is the most discreet. Perfect if you like wearing your hair in various updos. 

Check out our Advantages of Micro Bond Extensions blog to have a deeper look into whether these extensions would be a good fit for you. 

Whilst we do not offer sew-in extensions at Shai Hair and Beauty, they are a popular choice for those with thick or afro-textured hair. This is because sew-in weaves require tight braids to be put into the hair, which can cause breakage to thin, lighter hair. 

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Do hair extensions fall out, and what are the longest lasting hair extensions? Whilst some methods may increase the longevity of your extensions, one of the biggest factors affecting how long they will last is your hair care. A quality permanent hair extension method that is looked after will last up to eight weeks before you need to come back to the salon.

Hair Extension Care?

The best way to ensure hair extensions last as long as possible is good after care. Here are some hair extension care tips to help you boost their longevity: 

Washing your extensions correctly is one of the most important ways to take care of them. Our stylists will recommend a shampoo and conditioner that will be best to use depending on the type of extensions you have. Washing your hair in the shower is crucial as it allows the water to flow down your hair, which is ideal to avoid tangling. 

It is important to have dry hair before going to bed, as wet hair is prone to tangle. A great tip to prevent tangling whilst you sleep is to tie your hair up loosely; you could opt for a low ponytail or braid. Using a scrunchie or spiral hair band is recommended, as regular hair ties can often pull on the hair. 

The best practice for brushing your extensions, and brushing your hair in general, is to start from the ends and work your way up. This method minimises the tug on your roots, so it is perfect for preventing fallout.

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

The short answer – no! Hair extensions will never damage your hair if they are installed correctly by a professional. Provided you follow a hair care routine, there will be no damage to your natural hair and they won’t affect your hair growth. Rest assured, our stylists put the condition of your hair before anything else, so your hair will be assessed to make sure we choose the right extensions for your hair type.

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Now that you’re a hair extension pro, you’re ready to get booked in for your very own hair extensions! We would love to install your extensions here at Shai Hair and Beauty, so get in contact with us here, or alternatively check out our hair services here.