Going From Brown to Blonde at The Salon: Bleach & Toner

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The process of going from dark brown to blonde at the hairdressers might seem scary for some, especially if you’ve seen any YouTube videos of at-home bleaching gone wrong. But rest assured you are in safe hands at the salon! 

Here is some of our expert knowledge to ease your mind if you’re considering joining the light side. 

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Understanding your desired look at your consultation

Before taking a seat in our chair, it’s good to have an end result in mind. We’ll really take the time to understand your goals and figure out how we can best achieve them. You’re always welcome to show us pictures if you have them, as this is a great way to help us really understand what your goal is.

We’ll then discuss how we will give you your dream hair. Usually, your options for going blonde will be using highlights, balayage or a scalp bleach. If you need any treatments to keep your hair in optimal condition, we’ll also discuss this with you.

Preparing bleach and treatments

Once we know exactly what technique we’re going to use on your hair, we’ll get our products prepped.

Bleach needs a developer to work with, which can come in varying strengths. The strength we use will depend on how dark your existing hair colour is. For example, if you have light brown hair, then we’ll likely only need a 20% developer, however, darker hair could need 30%. Using the correct developer is vital, which is why going to an experienced stylist is always recommended!

If your hair is already compromised, we will then add Olaplex or another protective treatment to your bleach. Olaplex will prevent the bonds in your hair from breaking, to ensure we can safely apply the bleach. 

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Applying the bleach

Once our product is mixed and prepared, it’s time to start applying. The way that we apply the bleach can vary depending on the technique we use, for example, highlights require the use of foils. 

This process can also take a long time as it requires precision and attention to detail. After the bleach is applied, it will be left to develop. In the meantime, you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing experience in the salon!

Rinsing and washing

After processing, your hair will now be at the correct level. If you had any foils, they will be removed and all the bleach will be cleansed from your hair. 

It is really important that we get it all out, so we’ll always use shampoo and conditioner. 

Using toner

Finally, it is time to use toner. Sometimes, you might not need toner if your hair has lifted to your desired shade, however, if you want your hair to be ashier or more golden, then toner is the perfect solution.

Our stylists are experts with colour and will know exactly the right toners to use for your hair level and desired outcome. It is then usually left to sit for 5-10 minutes on your wet hair before being washed out.

The final product

Your hair will then be dried, and you then have the option to have a cut and a beautiful bouncy blow-dry (which we always recommend to really finish off your new look!).

If your hair transformation only required one sitting, then you should have the hair of your dreams! However, going from brown to blonde is not an easy process, so you may be required to come back for another appointment. In fact, going from dark brown to blonde can take up to 4 appointments, but this will have already been discussed with you before getting started.

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Looking to go blonde and want a salon with lots of experience and expertise? At Shai Hair and Beauty, our hair stylists are professionals at what they do, and will always know exactly how to get you to your dream blonde with perfect execution.

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