Aveda Salon Clerkenwell – Our Commitment to Sustainability

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We love using Aveda products here at Shai Hair and Beauty – they never fail to give our clients perfect results every time. But why did we choose to use Aveda? Here’s why Aveda products are the best fit for our salon.

What Are Aveda’s Values?

Aveda strives to take care of the world we live in by taking environmental responsibility. Their business practices are eco-friendly, for example they manufacture 100% of their products with certified wind power, and were even the first hair care company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. 

Their sustainable values are inspiring, but Aveda’s eco-friendly practices do not substitute for bad products. Their fantastic range of hair care products give our clients insane results, so you can feel amazing about your hair, and how you have been environmentally responsible!

How Do Our Values Correspond with Aveda’s?

Environmental Responsibility

At Shai Hair and Beauty, we are a clean salon. Whilst we ensure our salon is sparkling clean at all times to keep you safe during our current times, we also hold ‘clean’ values. This means we are passionate about using clean products, which is why we are so delighted to use Aveda.

We strongly believe that all salons have a responsibility to be sustainable, which is why we choose to be an eco-friendly, green salon. 

Cruelty Free Products

They do so much to help the environment, but is Aveda cruelty free? Yes – products are 100% cruelty free and do not test on animals, nor do they use other companies to test on animals for them. This is important to us at Shai Hair and Beauty, as we are ethically conscious.

Vegan Products

Are Aveda products vegan? All products are also 100% vegan, as Aveda embraces the powerful qualities of nature without exploiting it. These compassionate values resonate highly with us, and we also want to ensure that people of all beliefs and values are able to enjoy our services. 

The Best Results for All Hair Types

We don’t just use Aveda products because of their incredible values and mission. Fundamentally, we are dedicated to giving you beautiful hair and making you feel amazing every time.  We won’t stop until you have the best results, and Aveda helps us deliver.

Aveda uses naturally derived ingredients, which are kinder to the planet and kinder to your hair than harsh, artificial chemicals found in a lot of hair care products. 

At Shai Hair and Beauty, we also strive to be an inclusive salon. Aveda considers every hair type and has a huge variety of products that are curly girl approved. We have ensured that our Aveda treatments services, which we offer in the salon, are suitable for all hair types! 

Aveda Salon Clerkenwell – Shai Hair and Beauty

If you love Aveda’s sustainable values as much as we do, or you simply want to see just how fantastic their products are for yourself, we would love for you to give us a visit! 

Book your treatment with us here, or feel free to reach out if you have any questions by contacting us here.