Olaplex Just Got Green Competition – Why We Recommend Aveda’s Botanical Repair Treatment

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Looking to strengthen and protect your hair? Here’s everything you need to know about Aveda’s Botanical Repair Treatment, from how to use it to why we love it! 

Great for Your Hair and the Planet

You might have heard of Olaplex. Simply said, the Aveda Botanical Repair Treatment is a similar, improved and more sustainable salon treatment. It is a leave-in hair treatment that strengthens and protects the hair from the inside for long lasting results and uses a bond-multiplying ingredient to create bonds at the core, making the hair stronger.

How to use Aveda’s treatment

At the salon, we start off by washing your hair with the Botanical Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, which also contains the bonding properties of the treatment. Your hair will be towel dried so that it is still damp. 

The treatment is applied only to the mid lengths and ends. We ensure to apply it evenly to allow it to work it’s magic on every strand of your hair. Since it is a leave-in treatment, there is no need to rinse. We will then finish off with a beautiful bouncy blow dry, and, believe us, you will be amazed at how healthy and soft your hair feels!

The Benefits – Get Strong and Healthy Hair Instantly

We’ve mentioned the incredible bond-creating ingredient in the treatment, but what are the benefits of using Botanical Repair? The treatment will leave your hair instantly strengthened, so you can enjoy healthy hair pronto! 

Summer is just around the corner and we cannot wait. But UV rays from the sun can have drying effects on your hair. With the Botanical Repair range, your hair will be protected. Speaking of heat, if you like using styling tools, Aveda’s treatment will protect your hair from up to 230°C.

The Botanical Repair treatment is also amazing for reducing frizz and flyaways. It also helps to detangle your hair with ease when brushing to avoid breakage. 

Aveda Botanical Repair Hair Treatment at Shair Hair and Beauty

Who Can Use the Botanical Repair Range?

Aveda strongly believes in inclusivity and creating products for all. The treatment has been tested and formulated for all hair types, so anyone can achieve great results using the Botanical Repair range. 

How is Aveda Sustainable?

If you are sustainably conscious, then there is no better brand to go with than Aveda. The Botanical Repair range, along with all their other products, are 100% vegan and cruelty free. In terms of Aveda’s impact on the environment, all bottles are made to be 100% recyclable, and products are manufactured entirely from wind and solar energy. 

The Botanical Repair treatment is also made from up to 96% naturally derived, organic ingredients to safely work wonders on your hair. 

Why We Use Aveda at Shai Hair and Beauty

At Shai Hair and Beauty, we love how ethical Aveda’s products are and strive to do our part to be a greener, more sustainable salon. But above all, we care about giving our clients the best results without compromising the condition of their hair. For more information about why we love using the Aveda colour line, you can read our blog here

If you are interested in having a Botanical Repair treatment at our salon, you can find our treatment services here.